25 visions for the future of our species

thitruongxemay.com tracks the people, companies, & technologies that are transforming our bodies & our minds.

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We now have sầu the tools lớn transform ourselves và our species. Greater health & longevity, enhanced brains, and engineered fertility are in the works. What’s just over the horizon is even more astonishing. We Hotline this the thitruongxemay.combiological frontier.

Coeditors Jane Metcalfe và Brian Bergstein are your scouts, identifying some of the most daring, inventive, and thoughtful people and ideas in this new territory.

thitruongxemay.com: 25 Visions for the Future of Our Species is a collection of 25 essays, interviews, & works of fiction and art offering a big-picture perspective on the profound changes made possible by the merging of biology & công nghệ. The book brings together today"s smardemo and most creative inventors, thinkers, and scientists khổng lồ tell us their vision of the future.

This book is a 20trăng tròn time capsule for future humans.

Winner AIGA 50 Books | 50 Covers

What"s Inside


thitruongxemay.com: 25 Visions for the Future of Our Species covers these powerful new biotechnologies và ideas in non-technical language, with beautiful full-color images & a fresh design by National Design Award winner Jennifer Morla. This book makes a compelling foundation for the discussions we’ll be having about these technologies for years to come, & as one observer said, it is definitely coffee table worthy, no matter which planet that table is on.


Meet George Church, one of the most prodigious bioengineers of our time, in conversation with Ramez Naam, a computer scientist, clean tech investor, and science fiction author. George maintains a menu of genes that could be edited to make humans healthier or more suited to lớn future environmental conditions, including life off-planet. He’s also got an idea khổng lồ send a single-cell biological probe lớn faraway worlds that could be programmed khổng lồ beam information baông chồng khổng lồ Earth.

Consider neuroscientist David Eagleman’s ideas about how embryo selection could change the way we parent our children.

Dive into lớn an imagined future with inventor Danny Hillis as he guides you through the possibilities and pitfalls of designing your child from scratch using gen editing giải pháp công nghệ. Will you “supersize” them, or give them an extra appendage? If you bestow a color or pattern, keep in mind that it might be trendy today but look dated 10 years from now.


Discover filmmaker and artist Lynn Hershman Leeson’s ideas about identity in her antibody-as-art project that will change how you think about life-science technologies.

Hear from Osh Agabi, the Swiss-Nigerian roboticist-neuroscientist who’s built a brain on a chip, literally blending silicon và neurons. He envisions using his công nghệ khổng lồ allow us lớn connect our consciousnesses together in a sort of giant empathy website.

Read Juan Enriquez, who has been thinking and writing about self-directed evolution for a long time. In his creative brief, he imagines a future with a far greater diversity of human species, & considers the implications.

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Ponder the risks và ethical implications of this new frontier with CRIStruyền bá scientist và film producer Samira Kiani, who outlines the safety checks she’s developing to control gen edits. And hear from biosecurity policy expert Megan Palmer, who shares how her experiences led to social responsibility programs for synthetic biologists.

And there’s so much more!

Why Now?

Because we manifest what we imagine. So perhaps we should imagine a future we actually want khổng lồ live sầu in. This book is designed lớn spark the conversations that can guide our species as we decide which technologies khổng lồ develop & deploy.

We asked some of today’s most knowledgeable and creative sầu researchers và artists lớn outline a future we can rally for rather than fear. This book captures their moods, dreams, và aspirations. We hope that it will encourage people khổng lồ think about what is possible, from eliminating genetically inherited diseases to preserving our memories as we age khổng lồ having the perfect orgasm. We invite readers to lớn try these ideas on, and talk about how they feel. Because the choices we make now will determine how our god-like tools will be used in the future.

And no matter what operating systems or platforms will be operational 25 years from now, this book will remain as a physical artifact, a testament lớn our hopes and dreams about where these tools can take us.

The lesson of evolution is that there’s constantly room for improvement.

George Church

Who We Are

thitruongxemay.com tracks the people, companies, and technologies that are transforming our bodies and our minds. Our beat includes the frontiers of genetics, neuroscience, longevity, synthetic biology, biohacking, future food, sex, & more. We feature journalism you can trust from writers who have the experience khổng lồ underst& the science và the giải pháp công nghệ, và take the time khổng lồ get it right. We offer a quality perspective that looks out across multiple disciplines, và also includes the worlds of food, science fiction, và cultural developments. You can find all this published in our newsletter, on our trang web, and through our social feeds. We also host events. This is our first book.

Coeditors Brian Bergstein & Jane Metcalfe.

Jane Metcalfe is the founder & CEO of thitruongxemay.com. She is probably best known as the cofounder (with Louis Rossetto) of Wired magazine, the legendary truyền thông company that wrote the first draft of the history of the digital revolution. Under Jane & Louis’s leadership, the magazine grew to lớn an internationally renowned brvà và a diversified media company featuring U.S., U.K., and Japanese editions, a book division, & a television show. In addition, Wired launched HotWired, the first online original content featuring Fortune 500 advertising, inventing the advertising banner along the way (no we didn’t patent it, yes we did talk about it). There was also HotBot, which at the time was the fasdemo search engine in the world. The Webbys recently acknowledged Jane and Louis with a Lifetime Achievement Award for their vision và impact.

After selling the company lớn Condé Nast and Lycos, Jane served as president of TCHO Chocolate which got her thinking about the effects of theobromine on the brain and heart, sacred plants, nutraceuticals, organic farming, food systems, etc. When family members experienced mental illness & the diseases of aging, she turned her attention to lớn health matters, researching the lakiểm tra science & technologies that can alter the course of those diseases.


Brian Bergstein is the deputy opinion editor of the Boston Globe và thitruongxemay.com’s founding editor. He was, for many years, the executive sầu editor of MIT Technology đánh giá. Before that he worked for the Associated Press, as its national technology correspondent and then the công nghệ and truyền thông editor. He completed a Knight Fellowship for Science và Technology Journalism at MIT, & earlier journalism studies at Northwestern University. Brian has an extensive sầu network of writers khổng lồ tap và a unique overview of both life sciences & technology.

Our book designer is National Design Award winner & AIGA medalist Jennifer Morla, an accomplished designer, graphic artist, and author, with clients including Apple, Design Within Reach, Levis, Stanford University, and Williams Sonoma. She taught at California College of the Arts for many years và lectures all over the world. Her book Morla: Design was published in 2019.

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Book Details

Edited by Jane Metcalfe and Brian BergsteinFeatures 25 essays, interviews, stories, và artworksDesigned by Jennifer MorlaHardcover, 7 3 phần tư x 9 ba phần tư inches160 pages, 25 color illustrationsSmyth sewn, with silver Litho foil-stamped cover

Thank you to lớn all of our contributors: Oshiorenoya Agabi, Christimãng cầu Agapakis, Siranush Babakhanova, Seth Bannon, George Church, Emma Conley, Zoe Cormier, Zaông xã Denfeld, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, David Eagleman, Juan Enriquez, Kristen Fortney, Joel Garreau, Daisy Ginsberg, Danny Hillis, Samira Kiani, Cathrine Kramer, Becky Lyon, Hannu Rajaniemày, Lux Alptraum, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Ramez Naam, Megan Palmer, Nicola Patron, Robert Plomin, Steve sầu Ramirez, Sissel Tolaas, Bowen Zhao, Changle Zhou.

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