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Full Team Name Base Team Chief Technical Chief Chassis nguồn Unit First Team Entry World Championships Highest Race Finish Pole Positions Fasthử nghiệm Laps
Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow
Maranello, Italy
Mattia Binotto
Enriteo Cardile / Enrico Gualtieri
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For many, Ferrari và Formula 1 racing have become inseparable. The only team to have sầu competed in every season since the world championship began, the Prancing Horse has grown from the humble dream of founder Enzo Ferrari to become one of the most iconic and recognised brands in the world. Success came quickly through the likes of Alberlớn Ascari and John Surtees, & continued – in amongst leaner times – with Niki Laudomain authority in the 1970s and then Michael Schumacher in the 2000s, when Ferrari claimed a then unprecedented five sầu consecutive sầu title doubles, securing their status as the most successful và decorated team in F1 history...

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Sink lớn their worst performance in four decades, failing to lớn win a race, scoring just three podiums and falling lớn sixth in the standings. Sebastian Vettel is told early on that his contract will not be renewed for 2021, and it’s Charles Leclerc who secures 98 of the team’s 131 points.

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The pattern of recent years continues, as they fail lớn win a race until August’s Belgian GP., despite being clear pre-season favourites và often having the quickest oto. A tense (và at times expensive) rivalry sees newcomer Charles Leclerc out-score veteran team mate Sebastian Vettel, with two victories khổng lồ the four-time champion’s one.


A case a déjà vu, as Ferrari produce what is for much of the year the fastest package on the grid, và yet are somehow out-raced, out-strategized and out-developed by reigning champions Mercedes. Sebastian Vettel supplies their five sầu season victories – but also some rather costly mistakes.

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