Ducati scrambler urban enduro for sale uk

It’s more of a lightweight xe đạp that is at trang chính in commuter traffic, mountain roads, even on the highway, but has limited scope on dirt roads.

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There are four models in the Scrambler range – Ibé, Full Throttle, Classic & Urban Enduro – with prices ranging from $12,990 lớn $14,990.

The only differences are minor cosmetic changes to lớn the seat, fenders và either wire or alloy wheels.


Ducati made 450cc scramblers in the early 1970s mainly for the American market, but they dropped them in 1974.

Now they have returned with the current nostalgia craze for retro-style bikes.

As a styling exercise, the Ducati Scrambler is a winner with its perfect combination of modern và retro features.

It’s powered by the Monster 800 air-cooled desmodromic engine but with new cam timing that gives it more bottom-end torque and less high-kết thúc power. It also feels smoother & more refined than in the Monster.

That all combines khổng lồ make it a very rideable bike in everyday conditions.


Together with a lively 50milimet throttle toàn thân, 55 kilowatts of power, 68Nm of torque and 189kilogam fully fuelled, it’s a very responsive và manoeuvrable bike.

In fact, it would make a great stunt bike as wheelies and stoppies are easy. However, it also feels so controllable you won’t be doing either by accident.

There are no frills on this xe đạp. It comes with a single front disc brake, simple single instrument pod, basic suspension & minimal controls.

But don’t think all that translates to a basic xe đạp.

With only 189kg of weight, the single disc has more than enough stopping power. The ABS works well on wet roads & even pulls up surprisingly well on gravel.

The single digital instrument pod has plenty of information including an easy khổng lồ read digital speevị, an odometer, two trip meters, a cloông xã, rev counter around the ryên ổn, ambient temperature display &, although it has no fuel gauge, it starts counting kilometres lapsed since the warning light comes on.

I saw that light at about 210km và there was still three litres left in the 13.5-litre tank for a good 60km stretch lớn the next fuel stop.


You can toggle through the various digital functions via a button on the left switch block. It’s similar khổng lồ other new Ducatis where you can control the complex screen display via that button, the cancel switch on the indicators và another button above sầu that.

It’s actually too many buttons & it becomes quite confusing. In fact, turning off the switchable ABS for riding on dirt roads takes about four pushes on the three buttons.

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Owners would get used lớn the process, but it just seems an overly complex arrangement.

The Ducati Scrambler may seem sparrã và retro, but there are modern LED taillights and a circular LED daytime running light, plus a USB under the seat for charging your smartphone or Bluetooth intercom.

The only basic ingredient in the xe đạp is the Kayabố suspension. It’s quite stiff, doesn’t handle hard hits very well and trips up over high-frequency bumps such as corrugations.

The only adjustment is the pre-load on the rear and even on its softest setting, it jittered over the bumps, making it unsuitable for rough dirt or bumpy tar roads.


Throw a leg over the bike & you instantly notice how tiny it feels.

The vintage-style seat is 790mm high, but it’s narrow và the suspension instantly squishes down under your weight, making it suitable for most riders.

In fact, I found I could even mount the bike by just walking up behind it & straddling it.

There are also 20milimet lower và 20milimet higher seat options to suit most rider heights.

I found the standard seat quite hard, yet comfortable for the duration of a tank of juice, so long as you weren’t just sitting in the one position such as on a straight stretch of highway.

The higher seat with thicker padding feels more comfortable.


Reach khổng lồ the pegs is relaxed và would be even longer with the touring seat.

The bars are MX style & very high & wide with narrow handgrips and minimal switchgear.

Riding position feels very motocross, inviting you to lớn shuffle forward toward the tank, move your head over the triple clamp & push your elbows out wide.

It’s an aggressive stance, but you can also shuffle back a little và settle in for a reasonably comfortable longer ride.

The high và upright riding position gives you good vision when commuting và it will easily filter through the traffic, although those high và wide bars may clash with dual-cab ute mirrors.

But if the position feels motocross, the bike certainly isn’t.

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The basic suspension limits its abilities khổng lồ take the bigger hits on bumpy dirt roads & the tyres are Pirelli MT 60 RS off-road tyres, but specially made for Ducati with a lower knob that is closer together for more road-oriented riding.

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