2020 Ducati Monster 1200 S

For 20đôi mươi, Ducati rolled the Monster 1200 S into a paint booth & applied a fresh black-on-màu đen scheme—a striking combination of gloss và matte—giving the Testastretta 11° V-twin an even more assertive sầu presence. Mechanically, however, this liter-plus streetfighter remains unchanged from the previous Mã Sản Phẩm year. That"s not at all bad though. The 803, 821, and 1,198cc Monsters are some of Ducati"s most popular models, & the 1200 S is the patriarch of the family, a true naked-xe đạp steamroller at home page on boulevard or back road. There"s a great top-over rush, fully adjustable Öhlins suspension front & rear lớn keep this nimble handler well-composed, & Brembo four-piston M50 calipers up front for responsive sầu, reliable stopping performance.

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In addition to lớn the premium suspension và braking components, the 1200 S has a number of upgrades, such as up/down Ducati Quiông xã Shift, a sleek passenger seat cover, a lightweight carbon-fiber front fender, LED lighting, và an anti-theft system. "Piông chồng the right roads và conditions, & the Ducati will surely fight for the top spot in the naked-bike class," testers wrote about the Monster 1200 S after its major nâng cấp in 2017.


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EngineLiquid-cooled, DOHC, two-cylinder
Bore x Stroke106.0milimet x 67.9mm
Horsepower147.0 hp
Seat HeightN/A
Dry WeightN/A
Rear-Wheel HorsepowerN/A
Rear-Wheel TorqueN/A
0–60 mphN/A
Braking 30–0 mphN/A
Braking 60–0 mphN/A

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