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From earlier testing, we know that the Ducati Diavel is a cool machine … combining elements of a muscle cruiser & a standard that handles relatively well. Ducati is introducing a version of the Diavel 1260 S with quality, striking graphics.

The new “Blaông chồng & Steel” version features grey và blaông xã with yellow highlights. Here are some photos along with a press release from Ducati:

“Lights on me”: new “Blachồng and Steel” version for the Diavel 1260 S
Inspired by the concept of the Diavel “Materico”, the new livery of the bike is characterized by asymmetrical and refined graphics that combine glossy grey, matt black and sporty details in yellow The new Diavel 1260 S “Blaông xã và Steel” will be available in Ducati dealerships starting from July 2021 From 10 to 13 June it will be possible to admire the new Diavel 1260 S on display in Piazza Duomo in Milan for the MIMO Motor Show Borgo Panigale, Bologna, 9 June 2021 – Ducati enriches the Diavel 1260 family for the 2022 Model Year with the presentation of the new Diavel 1260 S “Blaông chồng và Steel”, which will be available in dealerships starting from July 2021.After launching the special Diavel 1260 Lamborghini version in November 20đôi mươi, created in collaboration with the Sant’Agata Bolognese oto manufacturer, Ducati is further expanding the Diavel 1260 family with the arrival of this new motorcycle, which is inspired by the concept of the Diavel “Materico” presented in 2019 on the occasion of the “Beautiful Boldness / Visionary Design” sự kiện during the Milan Design Week & subsequently put on display at MOARD (Motorcycle Art và Design), an exhibition dedicated to lớn two-wheel thiết kế.The livery of the Diavel 1260 S “Black và Steel” is characterized by the choice of asymmetrical and refined graphics that combine glossy grey và matt black as the main colours, to which are added sporty touches in yellow, including the frame, the lower part of the tail, the dedicated seat badge and some details of the bike.From 10 to lớn 13 June the new Diavel 1260 S “Blaông xã và Steel” will be exhibited in a world premiere at the 2021 edition of the MIMO Motor Show. Enthusiasts will be able to admire it inserted in the prestigious setting of Piazza Duomo in Milan & join the presentation parade of the motorcycle, which will be attended by the Director of the Centro Stile Ducati Andrea Ferraresay đắm.“ The Ducati Diavel 1260 family, synonymous with style, innovation & performance, has won prestigious international thiết kế awards such as the “Red Dot Award” & the “Good Design Award”. We are really pleased to lớn present this new version in Milan, a thành phố that has always represented a world benchmark in this sector.

Bạn đang xem: New ducati diavel 1260 s “black and steel” gets dramatic livery « motorcycledaily

” declared Andrea Ferraremê say “The Diavel 1260 S “Blaông chồng and Steel” is a bike that does not go unnoticed. Its asymmetrical graphics, the contrast between matt blaông chồng, grey & touches of yellow have been designed to enhance the power, design and sportiness of this bike.”Unconventional và unmistakable, the Diavel 1260 combines the performance of a maxi-naked with the ergonomics & comfort of a muscle cruiser. The beating heart of the bike is the 1262 cc Testastretta DVT engine that delivers 162 hp at 9,500 rpm with a flat & full-bodied torque curve sầu, which allows scorching acceleration and at the same time offers regularity at low revs igiảm giá khuyến mãi for everyday use or touring. The chassis, characterized by the distinctive 240 mm rear tyre, guarantees surprising levels of handling và lean angles for the rider, combined with a good màn chơi of comfort.The Diavel 1260 S “Black & Steel” joins the S version in Thrilling Blachồng và Dark Stealth colour with red frame và blachồng wheels. The standard version is available in Dark Stealth colour with blaông chồng frame và blaông chồng wheels.On the trang web there is the “Configurator” section which allows you lớn view the Diavel equipped with your favourite Ducati Performance accessories on the screen of your PC, tablet or smartphone & to lớn nội dung the customized version with the nearest dealer khổng lồ book a test ride.The presentation đoạn phim of the Diavel 1260 S “Blaông xã và Steel” can be viewed at this links. Further pictures of the bike are available on Ducati Media House.#Diavel1260 #LightsOnMe

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Neal says:
June 14, 2021 at 4:06 pm

Apologies to Diavel riders, but this is one of the few bikes where I can’t help but judge whoever’s riding one.

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Tom R says:

Those who say that Ducati never should have sầu made the Diavel sound lượt thích the same folks who said that Porsbịt never should have made the Cayenne or the Panamera.

TimC says:

Wut? The Diavel is cool, in its own V-Max kind of way. The Cayenne and Panorama are abominations và really a serious inflection point in the time/space continuum (much like, say, the American Civil War) where things overall went in a fundamentally much worse direction.

Motoman says:

I don’t lượt thích lớn spkết thúc money on 4-wheelers, but if’n I was lookin for a sport ute, the Cayenne would be at or near top of the menu.

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