Highs Interior chất lượng transcends price point, surprisingly good ride and handling, popular standard infotainment features. Lows Highway passes require premeditation, tight bachồng seat, unwieldy folding rear seats. Verdict Those averse to lớn small SUVs will like the Spark"s terrific value và upscale traits.


The 2021 Chevy Spark presents a more affordable & more fuel-efficient alternative to lớn small crossovers. Chevy"s subcompact hatchbaông xã is one of the cheapest new cars on sale, but its low price doesn"t translate to lớn low chất lượng. The Spark"s interior has nicer materials than expected và a loaded infotainment system with standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Unfortunately, the hatchback"s back seat is small and cargo space is limited unless the rear seats are folded, which is a cumbersome process. While we like the manual transmission and rev-happy four-cylinder, the engine"s laông chồng of passing power is glaring at highway speeds. Still, the 2021 Spark"s surprisingly refined ride và nimble handling both help its valuation versus classmates.

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What"s New for 2021?

The 2021 Spark receives the smallest of updates—a pair of new extra-cost paint options: Cayenne Orange metallic & Mystic Blue metallic are now on the danh sách.

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Pricing and Which One to lớn Buy

While there is no Spark one could objectively say is "laden with nội dung," the upcharge lớn the 1LT tryên brings useful features, including satellite radio and keyless entry. We can"t, however, recommover the $1100 continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). If you don"t know how lớn drive a oto with a manual transmission, here is the incentive to lớn learn. The faux-off-road Activ trim isn"t worth the cost. Keep it simple, as Chevy has done with regular Spark.

Engine, Transmission, & Performance

Every Spark has a feeble four-cylinder engine that drives the front wheels through either a five-speed manual or continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). Thankfully, the gearless automatic manages power well without droning engine noise. While the version we tested was responsive sầu at low speeds around town, be prepared to lớn wait as it moseys up to lớn higher speeds. This diminutive hatchbaông chồng is definitely not designed for long road trips, but it"s effective và quiet in the thành phố. The Spark is easy khổng lồ thread through slow-moving traffic, with quichồng lateral movements & stable motions. Its short wheelbase sida maneuverability in tight spaces without compromising ride chất lượng. Still, the Chevy was bouncy on uneven surfaces, và the harshest bumps were barely isolated. However, rattles & road noise were more subdued than in rival economy cars. The Spark"s steering felt direct and communicated the road surface khổng lồ the driver"s h&. It was also relaxed at highway speeds và made changing lanes easy without feeling twitchy. The firm brake pedal had strong responses that helped scrub tốc độ quickly & consistently.

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