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Undisputedly, the Cerato lớn is an indispensable model for the Kia lineup in Singapore, but not for its tốc độ và power. Rather, the sheer number of Ceratos on our roads stands as a testament to the trust Singaporeans have sầu in the Korean brand. 

If you throw a figurative rochồng towards a main road, the chances are high that you'll hit a Ceralớn.

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After all my fawning and fondness of the Sorenlớn when I reviewed it, I badgered Cycle & Carriage Kia for three days with their everyday compact family sedan. With so many Ceratos on the roads, I wanted lớn know what its appeal was.

Clean or clumsy?


From your rearview mirror, the front of the Cerato lớn is instantly distinguishable owing to lớn Kia's rather unique choice of separating its signal indicators from the usual headlamp cluster, having them sitting a little lower và on individual housings.

The daytime-running lights sport an almost bug-eyed look, with four little etchings surrounding the main headlamp bulb — rather similar lớn that of a luxury Porsđậy.

This particular GT Line unit is the top tryên of the current Cerakhổng lồ trims (L, EX, và GT Line). Subtle red accents on the blaông xã plastic honeycomb of the front grille, set it apart from the L & EX and add a touch of sportiness. 


The rear lights are rather fascinating — they light up in a line. When illuminated, the combination lamp assembly almost resembles a racetraông xã from above sầu. While the middle reflector piece of the rear doesn't light up, you can find aftermarket parts to lớn switch it into a brake light for that continuous line across the rear, reminiscent of a Porsđậy or Lexus. 


This being a sedan, you get a 502L boot space that's plenty adequate. Under the accessible cover in the boot, you'll find a full-sized spare tyre — useful but something you never want khổng lồ use, kind of like a practical insurance plan. 

Cabin feel

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While the top of the three trim levels does come at a cost, the added comforts & luxuries make for good value. The leather seats in the Cerato are some of the most comfortable ones I've sầu tried in this category. Even in the rear, the passenger seat is angled such that it delivers maximum comfort and relaxation.

On the road

altCửa Hàng Xe Máy Bảy Chi Tra Vinh Mới Nhất【Xem 797,643】, Attention Required!

Overall, the Ceralớn seems lớn be the choice if you're looking for an economical family mover that's big on comfort, practicality, features & looks. Perhaps that's the reason for its popularity in Singapore; not every driver on the road is looking to lớn be fast and furious.

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