Mercedes c200 2019 review: snapshot

It may not look like much of an upgrade, but beneath the skin Mercedes-Benz has gone lớn town on high-kết thúc technology to lớn transkhung the C-Class driving experience. Paul Maric gets behind the wheel to lớn see what it"s lượt thích.

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Quiet cabin at highway speedsMild hybrid công nghệ offers a new tech dimension for the C-ClassInfotainment upgrade overdue & welthitruongxemay.comeEconomical in và around the city


Over 10 per cent weight increase due to lớn 48V mild hybrid thitruongxemay.componentsThree-year warranty onlythitruongxemay.comAND infotainment system not as good as its thitruongxemay.competitors
While it may not look lượt thích a dramatic nâng cấp, the engineers at Mercedes-Benz have sầu been busy decking the C-Class out with a raft of modern hybrid công nghệ.

The latest 2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class now represents even better value for money thanks to lớn all of the gear they have sầu crammed under the body. But, does it still drive lượt thích a C-Class should?

Kicking off from $63,700 (plus on-road costs), the new C-Class cops an $1800 price increase, but brings with it some pretty cool giải pháp công nghệ that I'll run through below.

Visually, the styling update is a welthitruongxemay.come one. While the C-Class was never a bad-looking vehicle, this lakiểm tra round of styling enhancements gives it a fresh look và helps it st& out in thitruongxemay.comparison khổng lồ the outgoing Model. Exterior changes thitruongxemay.come in the form of new headlights, a revised lower air dam và changes to lớn the tail-light thiết kế.

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It's inside the cabin that the C-Class has seen the biggest change. A 10.25-inch screen replaces the smaller screen of the outgoing Mã Sản Phẩm. It sits atop the dashboard, và while it's not the lachạy thử MBUX infotainment system seen in the new A-Class, it's a welthitruongxemay.come step forward. It also brings with it Apple CarPlay and Android Auto lớn as standard equipment. Ahead of the driver is a full 12.3-inch display replacing the analogue gauges used in the outgoing C-Class.

One of the most pleasing parts of the interior is the new steering wheel. Gone is the cruise-control stalk behind the steering wheel, và instead it's replaced by steering wheel-mounted buttons lượt thích most other cars on the market.




As with the pre-facelift C-Class, there's adequate leg và head room in the second row, but it can get pretty cramped if the front row decide lớn push their seats back.

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In the second row you'll find air vents, along with a centre armrest that folds down & contains two cup holders. ISOFIX points are mounted on the two outboard seats. Unfortunately, you won't find any USB charging points in the second row for your passengers. They'll need to lớn run their cables in the centre bin in the first row.

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