Ride review: royal enfield bullet 500

The Story

What started in 1932 continues to lớn deliver pure motorcycling experiences across generations of riders. Bullet, the quintessential Royal Enfield, is today the longest running motorcycle in history to lớn be in continuous production. A unique, hand-painted fuel tank, the distinct thump and a standing testimony lớn Royal Enfield's philosophy of simple thiết kế and resilient build make Bullet a living legacy on two wheels.

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Iconic Design

A laid-bare engine, handcrafted chrome detailing and our signature hand-painted pinstripes make for one exceptional-looking machine.


Go-anywhere Rideability

Lets you sit back well in commvà of the road, no matter where you go. Its distinctive thump adds to its imposing presence.

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Legendary Dependability

Trusted for its hardiness và performance through decades to carry heavy loads. Whatever it is, just strap up go.

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On-road Reliability

Shod with 19-inch dependable tyres for stability & sure shot grip on the roads.


Majestic Stance

The Bullet lets you be seated in a commanding position. The distinctive thump adds to its imposing presence.

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