2021 benelli trk 502 adventure bike hits u

2021 Benelli TRK 502 Adventure Bike Hits U.S. Shores

Benelli brings its popular mid-range adventure xe đạp to America.

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Back in 2017 we got word from Benelli that they’d be bringing their TRK 502 khổng lồ the U.S. as a 2018 mã sản phẩm. Those plans fell through but the intentions khổng lồ bring their new adventure bike lớn America never waned. ADV Pulse has now confirmed with Benelli that plans lớn bring the TRK 502 and TRK 502 X lớn the U.S. are not only back on traông xã, but 2021 models are currently arriving on dealer showroom floors. We’re not sure what happened with the delay, but we are excited to be getting a new option in the ever-growing midrange ADV segment.

The Benelli TRK502 comes in two versions: the road-going standard TRK 502 and the more rugged, dirt-oriented TRK 502X. At the heart of the bike, is a 500cc 4-valve parallel-twin DOHC engine with EFI and a 6-speed gearbox. The engine, developed by Benelli, is fueled by a 5.3 gallon tank, pumping out 47 horsepower and 34 ft-lb of peak torque.

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A steel trellis frame incorporates a 50mm inverted fork with 5.5 inches of suspension travel. Out baông chồng, a monoshoông xã offers preload & rebound damping adjustment in the standard Model, along with compression damping adjustment on the 502X. The standard 502 rear shoông xã provides 1.77 inches of stroke và the 502X gets 2.44 inches (rear suspension travel not provided). Seat height for the TRK 502 is 32.8 inches and the 502X is a little taller at 33.9 inches. A higher-positioned exhaust also gives the TRK 502X additional ground clearance in off-road situations compared to lớn the road going TRK 502.

Recent refinements to lớn the line include backlit handlebar switches & new ergo adjustments at the handlebars, along with a range of minor bodywork & graphical refinements. Both models are appointed with a tall touring windscreen và stepped seating to give sầu the rider comfort on longer journeys, plus a phối of 320milimet semi-floating front discs và 260mm single disc out back khổng lồ handle braking. The standard 502 gets 17” cast aluminum rims front & back while the 502X gets a mix of 19”/17” spoke wheels for improved performance & durability in the dirt. A mix of engine guards and center stand also come standard on the 502X.

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The Benelli TRK 502 và 502X come in White, Red, Blue và Anthracite Grey but only the White và Grey color schemes are available in the U.S. at this time. The TRK 502 has an MSRPhường. of $5,999 and the 502X is $6,399. For more details visit usa.benelli.com.

Benelli TRK 502 / 502X Specs

Engine Type:DOHC Parallel twin, 4-stroke, liquid cooled, 4 valves per cylinder
Fuel System:Fuel injection with 37milimet throttle body
Horsepower :47 hp
8,500 rpm
Maximum Torque (est):34 ft-lb at 6,000 rpm
Transmission:6 speed
Lubrication:Wet Sump
Final Drive:Chain drive
Starting System:Electric
Frame:Steel Trellis frame
Front Suspension:Adjustable 50mm inverted forks
Rear Suspension:Mono-shochồng rear swingarm with spring preload adjustment, rebound damping & compression damping (502X only)
Front Suspension Travel:5.5 inches (140mm)
Rear Shoông xã Stroke:TRK 502: 1.77″ (45mm); TRK 502X: 2.44″ (62mm)
Front Brake:Twin 320milimet semi-floating disks with 4 piston calipers and ABS
Front Wheel:TRK 502: 120/70 – ZR17 (Cast); TRK 502X: 110/80 – R19 (Spoke)
Rear Wheel:TRK 502: 160/60 – ZR17 (Cast); TRK 502X: 150/70 – R17 (Spoke)
Seat Height:TRK 502: 32.8 inches (835mm); TRK 502X: 33.9 inches (860mm)
Ground Clearance:TRK 502: 7.5 inches (190mm); TRK 502X: 8.3 inches (210mm)
Wheelbase:50.3 inches (1505mm)
Rear Brake:260mm Single disc with single piston caliper và ABS
Dry Weight:470 pounds (213kg)
Fuel Capacity:5.3 gallons (US) – 20L

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