Ahead of an official debut, several photos of the facelifted Toyota Avanza for the Indonesian market have sầu made their way onto various social media platforms. The refreshed MPV appears to lớn draw inspiration from its larger sibling, the Vellfire, as its exterior thiết kế so subtly suggests.

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At the front, you’ll find a bolder face that is highlighted by an aggressive sầu bumper with concaved sections for the fog lamps. Also present is a mix of two-tier headlamps that are separated in the middle by body-coloured trlặng, similar to the Vellfire.

Between the clusters is a chrome piece, which is something you’ll spot on the pre-facelift Mã Sản Phẩm as well. A new grille with more prominent slats is also part of the makeover.

Meanwhile, the rear over has been tidied up thanks khổng lồ new red reflectors that are slimmer in shape. These wrap around the centre chrome piece that leads into the revised vertical taillights. Further down, the additional reflectors have sầu been reshaped & positioned near small “slits” in the corners of the rear bumper.

As before, the Avanza will be offered as standard or Veloz versions, with the latter sporting tweaked front & rear ends to project a sportier look.

Moving inside, the general layout of the dashboard is almost unchanged from before, although there are more upmarket features. For starters, there’s now buttons và a screen for the car’s air-conditioning system instead of two dials, keyless start, nicer materials và an improved head unit.

Based on the leaks, the new Avanza (sold in Indonesia) will be available with a 1.3 litre (96.5 PS/120 Nm) or 1.5 litre engine (104 PS/136 Nm), paired with a five-speed manual or four-tốc độ automatic.

In Indonesia, the Avanza is produced by Daihatsu and sold as the Xenia, which will also get the same visual updates.

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Jurieron Jan 04, 2019 at 6:29 pm

I’m only choose toyota, no perodua all kinds of things. Sorry perodua. Toyota are more reliable than it’s subsidiary, perodua

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John Minum Teh 8X - Bras và Pantieson Jan 06, 2019 at 6:11 pm

Aiyoo yoo, Habislah Perodua for now và Perodua Salesmen attitude that gives lousy thiết kế for Perodua Models as well as giving unsafe Perodua models which they are snobbish. This Alza can increase price slightly but no VSC…..aiyooooooo.

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No one buys Perodua for now. Salesmen all menangis. This Perodua Slogan is known as Building Rebadging Dangerous Cars Makes People Ruskier. Wishes all the worst luck khổng lồ drive Perodua Cars. Before I talk about Rebadging Perodua Models and Lazy Perodua Designers, let’s talk about Perodua Services, including other Perodua Models.

First of all, The reason is because everyone knows that Perodua Service is very terrible in which many Perodua owners have sầu feedbaông chồng many times about service but still never improve at all. As comparing to Proton, When many Proton owners service their car, it takes few hours khổng lồ complete their vehicles service whereas when Perodua owners service their oto, it takes longer time from 9 am lớn 5 pm khổng lồ complete their service. I am very sure knows that everyone feels very upphối và fed up all the Perodua Company.

Next up, talk about the quality of Perodua Plant in Malaysia, why no one ever buys Perodua because everyone also knows that after Perodua Assembly Team in Malaysia finish assembling the Perodua parts for Perodua models, they always didn’t even bother to lớn kiểm tra whether it has been secured or not which makes most of Malaysians who drives Perodua feels very riskier. Or either, Perodua Assembly Team in Malaysia always use the fake parts to lớn install for Perodua models as many people complain that got many problems for Perodua models after they bought for several months just like there are incidents happens for Proton since the year in năm trước. But now, why Proton Company is improving because Proton Company are always training to lớn their Proton Assembly Team to lớn make sure that they are using the right parts lớn install for Proton models. As well as, Proton Assembly Team also needs khổng lồ makes sure that they usually always check whether the parts has been secured or not after finishing manufacturing, assembling Proton parts for Proton models. This is khổng lồ show that what Proton Company has improving so far and better than Perodua.

Besides that, Just launching new Perodua Alza Facelift several months ago, there are no differences at all between new Perodua Alza Second Facelift and Perodua Alza First Facelift that launched in 2013 but only replacing the front bumper which looks like it copied from Sienta bumper with giving ABS without VSC, HSC, EBD as well as no 6 airbags but giving 2 airbag. Anyway, Malaysians knows that Perodua Alza is the biggest failure in Malaysia. Malaysians only hardly see few units of New Second Facelift Alza on the road. Not only that, if you drive on the road, very sure that there are also not many Axia or Bezza on the road because both Axia or Bezza have two airbags without VSC. No wonder everywhere in Malaysia, there are many Vtiện ích ios, City, Proton Persona or Saga on the road. Just look at Toyota và Proton, why UMW Toyota và Proton Malaysia, are already improving as comparing lớn the last four or five years because Toyota Malaysia now having advanced safety features for all Toyota models to lớn make sure that UMW Toyota won’t make sacrifice for people lives again but except for Avanza as UMW Toyota still giving 2 airbags without VSC for Avanza. However, there will be also either upcoming Avanza which will be launching next year. New Avanza also comes with VSC, HSC & other safety features but still giving two airbags for new Avanza. Also, don’t forget, UMW Toyota has been upgrading up lớn 7 tốc độ automatic for Vtiện ích ios, upcoming Yaris, Altis, Innova, và etc.

Finally, our topic is about of what Perodua has produced Perodua Vehicles for the past many years?

Everyone boycott Perodua, why? Because Perodua Company didn’t even bother to lớn thiết kế their engines và transmission by themselves. As well as Perodua Company are always very lazy to design their Perodua models which already happens for the past đôi mươi years until now. They just rebadge logo sản phẩm, that’s all. Just look at Perodua Aruz, everyone knows that Perodua just rebadge biệu tượng công ty on Toyota Rush because interior looks the same as Rush as well as exterior looks the same as Rush. Moreover, Perodua Aruz will not be fresh looking when start selling next year on 2019 after launching new Toyota Rush in Malaysia. If Perodua can kiến thiết a new Perodua Model by themselves instead of rebadging on other br& models, including making their own Perodua Engines & Transmission, everyone will surely buy Perodua Models kiến thiết by Malaysia. So why don’t Perodua just follow what Proton has done for the past many years.

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Until Today, Perodua Company still giving dinosaur engines with outdated transmission in which they never even bother to lớn improve their Perodua models as all Perodua Models still using 4 speed tự động and surely no one ever buys Perodua Models because everyone feels that it is underpowered, even aunties & uncles will also know as well.

In conclusion, Malaysians rather buy Proton & Toyota. The reason is that because Proton và Toyota is actually improving their company itself as Proton, Toyota are giving more tech và advanced safety features for Proton X70, as well as upcoming Proton models. In addition lớn that, Proton Exora have sầu ESC, ABS và 4 airbags vs Perodua Alza have 2 airbags and ABS without ESC. Moreover, Proton Service Company gives better service while Perodua Service Company gives terrible service. Anyway, no need to lớn write good comments about Perodua for the upcoming Perodua articles in paultung as everyone knows about bad service for Perodua, copymèo Perodua Models & Perodua will never improve sầu at all. This is to show what Perodua has done for the past many years with garbage achievement. Besides that, Malaysians already know that Perodua regard Malaysian lives as dirt and don’t care whether you die or not. This Perodua – Building Cars People First should be named as Perodua – Building Rebadging Dangerous Cars Makes People Ruskier because a car of this price lượt thích Alza & Axia, with no VSC is a risk to you và your family with rebadging Dahaitsu Models as well as giving lousy thiết kế of Perodua Myvi và boring thiết kế of Bezza.

Malaysians have sầu now dignity. they know Perodua are huge cheats. Charge so much for the oto, yet compromise on our lives and safety of the family.How Perodua? Still no VSC? Giving Bad Service? All over the world for example lượt thích Fiat comes with VSC as standard! As well as Proton, including other carmakers in Malaysia and other world giving better services than Perodua.

Now, John Minum Teh 8X, Pilihanraya Kalah Teruk và John May 9 Nangis are also hiding lượt thích tikus. They will always come here and say Perodua are always trusted as having better safety for Perodua Models và Perodua have better RV than Proton. But All Malaysians are very sure that no one ever buys Unsafe Lousy Perodua Models as their RV jatuh like hell & Perodua Safety is lacking. 11 months time, 2017 Myvi, you can buy RM41k, drop from RM55k. In 11 months, the car can drop RM28k. Now people say can even get the 2017 Myvi model for even RM19k. Wah! drop RM6k in 11 months!!!

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