2021 audi r8 spyder: features

Highs Edgy exterior kiến thiết, simple but upscale interior, extraordinary exhaust note. Lows Gas-guzzling powertrain, limited cargo space, not as engaging khổng lồ drive as other supercars. Verdict The R8 is a quick and sharply styled halo oto from Audi that"s nearly as nice a daily driver as the A4.


With a whopper of a V-10 engine mounted behind its high-tech cabin, the 2021 R8 is Audi"s halo oto. It shares is engine & mechanics with the raucous Lamborghini Huracán, but the R8"s tamer personality & looks make a subtler statement. That can be a good or bad thing depending on what you have in mind for your six-figure supercar. With as much as 602 horsepower on tap, the R8 truly flies, and the exhaust note will skết thúc shivers down your spine. Inside, all of Audi"s coolest tech features are on display, including a reconfigurable digital gauge cluster with standard built-in navigation. Fine materials are used throughout & make the cabin feel on par with the R8"s asking price.

What"s New for 2021?

Audi has introduced rear-wheel drive sầu on the 532-hp entry-cấp độ versions of the coupe và Spyder. This thiết lập replaces last year"s base offerings, which came with a 562-hp V-10 and all-wheel drive sầu.

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Now, in order khổng lồ get all-wheel drive sầu, you must step up lớn the more expensive and more powerful R8 Performance models, which make 602 horses.

Pricing và Which One to Buy

With a car as flashy as the R8, we"d suggest going with the Spyder. After all, with the top down, passersby will be able to get a better look at the lucky dog behind the wheel. Choosing between the standard và Performance models is a tougher decision. On the one hvà, even the 532-hp V-10 provides incredible acceleration và the same bellowing wail as the 602-hp version. On the other h&, rolling up lớn the next Cars and Coffee sự kiện with the ultimate R8 may feel just a bit more awesome.

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Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The R8"s V-10 engine is offered in two strengths, both potent enough khổng lồ knoông chồng the wind out of unsuspecting passengers & capable of searing your eardrums with their otherworldly exhalations. The R8"s seven-speed dual-clutch automatic isn"t exactly the smoothest gearbox, though. It occasionally downshifts too abruptly và perhaps too deeply, causing neck-snapping acceleration followed by an almost immediate upshift to a higher gear. The base R8 comes standard with an adaptive sầu suspension, while Performance models are fitted with a more aggressive sầu fixed-damper cài đặt. Both soak up bumps admirably & provide a comfortable ride that you could tolerate without fatigue on long trips. The R8"s supple nature comes with a drawbaông chồng, however: In full-attaông chồng mode, it simply doesn"t handle corners as confidently as its rivals, & sometimes it feels more unsettled than you"d expect a superoto to be. The standard steering cài đặt is direct & relays information from the road lớn the driver"s hands with sufficient feel.

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